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Mieloo Design Co.


Since 2016, Mieloo Design Co. has focused on the core concept of 「Design in Taiwan x Made in Taiwan」. By integrating design and production management, we offer comprehensive services, including product design, mold design, material processing, and manufacturing. 

In 2019, HUROYAMA was founded to revolutionize home living by combining design aesthetics with user-friendly concepts. Our focus is on household products such as bathroom and sanitary ware. We create convenient and enjoyable products that enhance the overall living experience with a professional, minimalist, and fun design.

With 20+ years of design experience, our team expertise in product design and manufacturing and is dedicated to creating the ideal user experience for you. We firmly believe in Taiwan design and manufacturing. We are willing to invest higher costs to prioritize exceptional design and top-notch quality. Join us in supporting "Made in Taiwan" and experience the team's dedication to delivering outstanding Taiwanese products.


2016 - Established "Mieloo Corporation"

2018 - Golden Point Design Award (Three-dimensional Leather)

2019 -

  • Established the "HUROYAMA Hair Catcher M" home lifestyle brand
  • "HUROYAMA Hair Catcher M" broke through 1400% on Zeczec crowdfunding. (TW)

2020 -

  • "HUROYAMA Hair Catcher M" reach 5000+ supporters on Kickstarter crowdfunding, raising $ 89,860 USD. (USA)
  • "HUROYAMA Hair Catcher M" broke through 1800% on Japanese Makuake crowdfunding. (JP)
  • "HUROYAMA Hair Catcher M" won the Golden Point Design Award.

2021 -

  • "HUROYAMA Hair Catcher " won the iF Design Award.
  • "Origamat" won the Golden Point Design Award.
  • "Origamat" global crowdfunding, raised over $ 1,000,000 NTD (TW/JP)
  • "Origamat" reached 917% on Makuake crowdfunding. (JP)
  • "Origamat" is sold at the MoMA Design Store.

2022 -

  • "Tidy Brush" won the Golden Point Design Award.
  • "Tidy Brush" raised over $ 170,000 USD on Kickstarter crowdfunding. (USA)
  • "Tidy Brush" reach 1000+ supporters on Zeczec crowdfunding. (TW)
  • "Tidy Brush" broke through 1300% on Wadiz crowdfunding. (KR)
  • "Tidy Brush" broke through 1700% on Greenfunding. (JP)
  • "Tidy Brush" broke through 3400% on Camp-fire crowdfunding. (JP)

2023 -

  • "HUROYAMA Hair catcher - S & L" raised over $ 35,000 USD on Kickstarter crowdfunding. (USA)
  • "HUROYAMA Hair catcher - S & L"" raised over 3,000,000 yen on Makuake crowdfunding. (JP)

2024 -

  • "HUROYAMA Hair catcher - S & L" reach 1200+ people on Zeczec crowdfunding. (TW)
  • "HUROYAMA Hair catcher - S & L" reach 1500+ people on Japanese crowdfunding.
  • "HUROYAMA Hair catcher - S & L" raised over ₩36,000,000 KRW on Wadiz crowdfunding. (KR)